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This is the change history throughout version updates in Caveman Craig. It might be useful for anyone who wants to see the advantages of upgrading an outdated copy of Caveman Craig.

v1.4.1 Changes;
- All cavemen health replenishes now, not just hunters and Craig.
- Throttled the number of dinosaurs that can be on the map at one point.
- Replaced the 't-shirts' end ad with an ad for Caveman Craig: SE.

v1.4 Changes;
- Vastly improved overall performance by altering slope-movement methods.
- Updated the licence / terms of distribution.
- Increased difficulty a bit.
- Hunters and Rivals no longer duck indefinitely if a velociraptor or hunter is standing over them.
- Velociraptor no longer gets stuck on the edge of the room in the minigame (sometimes they do but you can just jump out)
- Preparers are now a bit more scattered when preparing the same carcass.
- Highlighting and Selecting options in the settings menu have better positioned masks.
- Velociraptors now attend to the slope of the terrain.
- Rivals don't go into a falling loop when being knocked out of the screen by a triceratops.
- If you're dodging while a raptor is trying to eat you, and it gets hit by a rock, you no longer are forced to stand up.
- Added an advertisement for the Caveman Craig T-Shirts.

v1.3.3 Changes;
- Rivals don't come in such large groups anymore.
- Rain is a little rarer, but lasts longer.
- Game will compensate for a missing names.dat file.
- The loading sequence now runs a little faster when importing caveman names.
- Fixed error where berry sounds didn't play
- Triceratops' are now slightly harder to kill
- Decreased volume of in-game theme a bit.

v1.3.2 Changes;
- Fixed critical error in which time-related variables didn't change (save timer, total time, etc)
- Turning off caveman names will now also unload names from the memory.

v1.3.1 Changes:
- Berry Gathering Sound no longer plays if you're far away from the bush being gathered.
- Fixed bug in 1.3 where rain stopped suddenly.
- Implemented a new, more rhythmic in-game theme.
- In-game theme now stops when the game pauses.
- Some bugs may be fixed (un-pickable carcasses, un-hittable rivals)
- Berries grow more often when it's raining.
- Made some adjustments to the unlock at the end of the game.
- Fixed bug where rocks got stuck in Craig's statue.
- Fixed bug where rocks got stuck in velociraptors.
- Time is now measured absolute, not relative to frames-per-second.
- Rain now lasts longer.
- Fixed bug where hunters get stuck in a 'being eaten' animation.
- Rivals aren't as freaking strong.

v1.3 Changes:
- Fixed bug with rival cavemen and one of the bonuses.
- Split up the tutorial more logically and in smaller chunks.
- Fixed bug where t-rex keeps trying to attack you while you're dodging.
- T-rex's can (and will) now eat Rival Cavemen.
- Rival Caveman rocks will now hurt a T-rex.
- Tweaked triggers of difficulty
- Implemented death sounds for raptors and triceratops' that differentiate from their 'signature' sound
- Improved performance and decreased game size with better texture management (thanks Pim!)
- Added a "TAP SPACE" image that flashes above Craig's head when you're being eaten.
- Placed some mouse-over sounds into the menu.
- Game Over sounds now actually play.
- Altered some collision masks.
- Fully-trained caveman bonuses no longer add the message "Your new hunter, [name], is ready to be trained!"
- Fixed bug where the T-rex timer will continue if you leave the game and start a new one.
- Edited some parts of the tutorial.
- Added a very special unlock / bonus that signifies the ending of the game - however, you can continue playing afterwards.
- Rival Cavemen can now be eaten by Raptors and Head-butted by Triceratops'
- Rival Cavemen now respond to attacks from hunters while they are attacking gatherers or preparers.
- Fixed bug where Rival Cavemen counted as two kills.
- Dead rival cavemen face the way they died.

v1.2 Changes:
- Added a notification box when pausing.
- Added hotkeys 1,2, and 3 to create caveman (1 hunters, 2 gatherers, 3 preparers)
- Removed the windows buttons from title bar
- Slightly decreased difficulty of escaping raptors via space.
- Rival Caveman tweaked.
- Hunters are more likely to stand further away from the T-rex
- Fixed freezing-hunter bug (please report if it occurs)
- Improved quality of soft edges on cavemen.
- Improved the duck animation.
- Improved the mid-range image for the berry bushes.
- Hunters don't take as long learning how to fight.
- Berry pile emerges earlier, so it doesn't appear like you have no berries when you may.
- Added another bonus, but you have it discover it yourself.
- Triceratops' no longer head-butt cavemen who are already being mauled by a raptor.
- Added a sound for when you die.
- Moved the food progress bar next to the cavemen credits stone, so it looks more in place.
- Added a T-Rex Death sequence

v1.1 Changes:
- Fixed time calculation on statistics page
- Tap space rapidly when being mauled by a raptor to escape
- Game Over / Statistics page has an altered layout
- Fixed bug where you are still being eaten by raptor despite running around freely

- Now compatible with Mac OS X
- Tweaked tutorial text (Mac only)